Signing Off            

As I left off I was leaving the city, off to a new adventure, hand on the truck wheel and laptop open to to find out more about what I would be doing as I arrived. Yes, I’m aware of how unsafe it is to have a laptop open while driving, but thinking of my immediate safety wasn’t very high on my list of priorities at that time of my life. I remember, as I was driving, thinking to myself that I would never wind up in my hometown again. There were many ideas in my head about future endeavors, the money I would save up, the changes that I would make to my life, and how much things would be better in five years time.

Two years later I wound up moving back to my hometown. Not that I didn’t like the work, or that it wasn’t good pay. I just couldn’t take the responsibility of having to be responsible seriously. I would constantly call in sick, be late, and pay half the attention to the work that I had to. It wasn’t until my boss called me in and fired me on the spot that I even had an inkling that there was any form of repercussion to pay for behaving that way. I don’t like to blame the past that I had for anything, but again, I can only assume that it was my viewpoint on how replaceable everything was that got me to act that way for longer than necessary.

So once again I found myself crawling back to my hometown, and back to my moms house, in my twenties, and having no idea on what I was going to do with my life. I danced around with the idea of going to college, but had it in my head that it was something I would never be able to actually accomplish. It was my mom who put the foot to the gas and sat over my shoulder as I filled in my applications. I had no idea what I actually wanted to pursue, but knew of certain things that I appreciated doing, and so applied to journalism.

Lo and behold, three years later I found myself with a degree, and some actual prospects in my life. I found my way around a few different writing gigs, both online and in the city, and eventually found myself working for a local news network. Oh, you thought the blog title was supposed to be ironic? I actually do work for the city news, and as much as I view this place as a black hole, and that there isn’t that much that changes here, it is my home. Deep down there is a strong bond between myself and this city, and I represent it every day when I step into the office. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say, if you live in the area, you’ve seen my words in more than just this blog.